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At Livewire Telecom, we’ve meticulously assembled every puzzle piece for a top-notch experience – boasting a carrier-grade network, robust interconnections, a meticulously prepared operational system, and a team of seasoned professionals who are genuinely passionate about their craft. The only element missing is you. By joining forces with Livewire, you unlock a diverse array of services such as Tandem Homing (IPEX), Toll-Free, and DID Products, all supplemented by comprehensive consultancy support. Elevate your profitability as we tend to every intricate detail, aligning your company seamlessly with its original vision.

Unveil the distinction with Livewire’s cutting-edge IPES solution, providing your company unparalleled control like never before. Now you can steer your own ship when it comes to Number Portability and Numbering Resources. Entrust our adept team with the complex work, granting you the freedom to focus squarely on navigating your business path. Livewire’s experts empower leaders in the telecom industry to operate independently as distinctive CLECs or IPES carriers. This newfound control simplifies the provision of VoIP and an array of communication services.

Livewire guides you through every stage of the process – from securing essential FCC licenses to collaborating closely with PSCs, all while skillfully navigating the intricate landscape of telecom regulations. Moreover, we meticulously fine-tune interconnection points and optimize network capacity for impeccable performance. Our proficiency spans everything, including crafting, implementing, and enhancing your suite of services.

Experience the power of Livewire’s Inbound Toll-Free product, delivering not only control but also flexibility through advanced call analytics data and sophisticated call routing features. This empowers you to gain valuable insights about prospective customers and ensures that each call is efficiently directed to the appropriate call center, enhancing your communication strategies.

Beyond that, Livewire offers a comprehensive suite of products, including Wholesale Long Distance, IXC Direct Connect, 1 & 2-Series Switched Access, Sub-CIC Routing, Inbound Toll-Free & 1+ Long Distance (Leveraging Livewire’s 0333 CIC, 10-10-333).

Our IXC Direct Connect (Access Homing) product hands you complete reins over Inbound Long Distance routing to your numbering resources, featuring advanced and proprietary traffic engineering services along with carrier-specific routing.

If you’re interested in what Livewire has to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can reach out using the usual methods, whether it’s by phone, email, or visiting our website. We’re here to answer your questions and help you make the most of our services